Dear friend,

Without even having the privilege of meeting you personally, I know you are magnificent; as a human being and in your own special way.

All my work; the books/articles I write and the audios I record, I do for the purpose of helping you see and know that deeper part of you, the Real you, that only knows bliss and abundance.

Dale's Newest Book

Seeds of Content

Seeds of Content - Dale's latest bookA masterful collection of
empowering truths and affirmations that free the reader from the pain of compulsive thinking, and the life that it creates.

Receive a signed copy with a personalized message from Dale when you order this book here.

$24.95 + Shipping & Handling

Audio Downloads

What's Right About You

Dale reconnects you with the Joy, Freedom and Peace you've been missing in your striving to become a better you. He does this by masterfully shining a light on the truth of who you really are; Whole and Perfect right now.

42 minutes - $14.95

Soothing Relief for Soul Distress

Like a private 1-on-1 session with
Dale. For those times when you
are in distress, Dale talks directly
to you in his gentle calming manner,
and masterfully talks you through
your pain until it neutralizes.

44 Minutes - $14.95

Practicing Presence Meditation

Dale teaches how to find Peace,
Self-Love and Stillness by changing
the use of your mind. Learn how to
stop compulsive thinking that feeds
emotional pain, giving you peace at
any time.

43 Minutes - $14.95

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