April 15, 2011

Over the Edge of Madness

Like it or not, human consciousness is now rapidly evolving, free from the space/time matrix that the human mind has compulsively attempted to limit and control it within. As our Collective Consciousness coalesces into the Collective Realization of our Oneness, our Collective illusions unravel, revealing their insubstantial, impotent nature as they dissolve back into the Nothingness from which we have painfully and compulsively tried to craft and hold their forms.

There is no restoring of this unconsciousness possible, neither as perceived individuals or collectively banded, this insanity is out of the box and there is no putting it back.

If you haven't noticed, please do. The amount of energy it is taking to keep ourselves distracted from seeing this is immense and like all addictions, more eventually proves to apply to the multiplication of frustration and emptiness in place of hoped for thrills and fulfillment.

Technology is exploding all around us and wireless communication and entertainment has become one of the most evident and cutting edge metaphors for our attempt to mediate the rapidly widening gulf between our unconsciously deep desire for authenticity and our compulsively driven denial to mask this with ever more complex sensory overloads of colorful lights, digital tricks and other stimuli.

Is this wrong? Of course not. How could it be? It has evolved and simply is what it is. Everything that happens serves what appears as the evolution of Reality or Oneness. Nothing can lie outside the limitless Spirit that has always been and is now expressing the Immediacy within our Awakening.

The late Jesuit priest and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin pointed the way back in the 1950s in his masterwork, The Phenomenon of Man. That is, similar to how human thought was born as an evolution of consciousness from within the simple, animalistic observation of Cro-Magnon man or his equivalent, a creature who even now could physically pass as human, save for the one indispensable element that defines humanity--our reflective awareness that allows us to know, say, and realize that I am.

Teilhard further envisioned our Collective Awakening, an evolution of consciousness where together all awareness coalesced into a single, unified reflection of the Whole of Consciousness upon Itself. In other words, a collective realization of not, We are, but I am. He recognized it as the fulfillment of life upon the earth.

And throughout all evolution on this seeming finite sphere, life as forms of consciousness emerges from supersaturated oceans into forming overcrowded land masses, eventually congesting the very ethers with compulsive thought waves. Teilhard saw this consciousness evolving to force such changes from molecules to cells, gills to lungs, and objective brains to reflective thought, as an escape valve from the pressure of norms massing, releasing into higher, freer, more communal creativity.

He saw the emergence of a Collective Realization issuing from the massing of pressure upon the individuals, who though experiencing greater intensification of physical, mental and emotional commonalities, would still resolutely cling to their more familiar sense of isolation. Think about this pressure. Millions of individuals, living within an increasing, conscious sense of the core affinity they share, yet increasingly continuing to feel more and more compelled and culturally supported in denying this through ever more complex ways of avoiding authenticity, i.e. real communication through eye contact, empathic listening, physical touch and the sharing of vulnerable emotion, the very qualities that support our being fully human, alive, connected.

People's longing hearts, their feelings nearly exposed on their sleeves to one another, text each other while in the same room together, preferring a growing loneliness of common distraction to the unknown plunge into vulnerability. It's no wonder we look at the floor numbers or play with our cell phones when in the close confines of an elevator. We unconsciously suspect that unless each of us is extremely vigilant within the short time frame of our ride together, we might slip and experience the truth of our shared fragility and the whole charade of our guarded isolation would unravel before us into a spontaneous, uncontrollable expression of all the love, compassion and repressed commonality that we have been compulsively denying together.

And yet, this is perfect, for it is within the cauldron of this growing evolutionary pressure, not only in technology but throughout all our earthly formations that the erosion of all the baseless foundations for our shared illusions is NOW taking place. Our psychic ground of false identity and shallow sense of individual purpose is dissolving away. What follows is a freefall collapse into the Perfect Safety, Love and Order of our experiencing Shared Reality: our Collective Realization of the Joy, Peace and Freedom of our Integral Oneness.

This is not an act of will, individual or collective. It is the Realization, scary at times though, it might seem, that the One Perfect Love we were formed within has always been and will always be and that our elaborately, creative and valid layaway plan for putting off our experience of it has come to an end. We are all in this, making the final payment NOW. It is time for us to pick up and utilize the treasure that has always been our birthright, through our Full, Whole, Collective Name and Nature.And this is not a matter for individual discussion or free will. It is our Divine Imperative.

More to follow. Such as: how we can now cooperate in accepting the gifts of our new freedom together, what other collective belief forms are dissolving away and what we are discovering in their absence, how freewill and choice fit in with accepting the path of fulfillment that requires neither, and of course, how the despair of collapsing individuality and isolation leads to expanding joy in community.

Please feel free to join in and ask questions, especially if you are holding on by a thread. It's one powerful way into a new joy and release from what appears as hopelessness and despair. It's exactly what I am doing for me and it feels so good when we do it together.


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