February 24, 2012

To Explore New Worlds ... To Boldly Go ...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." ... Rumi

Can you be so certain that the situation you're facing really means what you think it means? Wise souls for centuries have said in their own words, that what a person believes is what they see. In other words, if you don't believe in unicorns, peace of mind, or enough resources to do whatever your heart requires, then you can rest assured, you won't be experiencing any of these soon. The meaning you give to whatever you're prepared to experience, is actually what frames and forms how you will perceive it. In other words, nothing showing up presently has any actual form or status. What you're seeing is the script that your mind is directing, along with the supporting characters (mostly unbeknownst to them) necessary props and scenery required to WILLfully present your little drama.

I recently watched an infomercial on the development of virtual reality video games in which a software developer remarked on the faster emerging technologies that would soon take virtual gamesmanship to its ultimate destination--the Holodeck. I had to laugh.

For you non-Sci-Fi-Star-Trekies, the Holodeck was a platform on the Starship Enterprise that could be programmed to create any virtual reality desired with the ability to interface with all its virtual citizenry and scenery. If you wanted to meet Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes or whomever, just dial in the coordinates and there you were, experiencing and interacting with the imagined world.

Why the laughter? Because we already have a realm that equals and far supersedes the idea of a Holodeck. We live in an unlimited field of energy where whatever our minds conceive and believe is perceived. And we don't need outside power sources, software or hardware devices to manifest it. All we need is to release the code of our beliefs and we can see and experience whatever our minds will. We've been using it since the birth of reflective thought, just with old belief patterns that form the world which we become comfortable though not very satisfied within. And the resolution isn't just virtual, it's perfect.

One of the major differences between the would-be Holodeck and this Living One though, is control. In the Holodeck idea, we hold to the thought of controlling our experience because we think we know what we want (and tell me, honestly, how well has that been working for you). In Nature's Perfected Version (Jesus called it Heaven and the Wachowskis fashioned it as The Matrix) we have to release control so that Whole Ideas, Universal Forms and Collective Experiences can literally flow through us, our minds incapable of containing such Unlimited Realities that come to and through willing, childlike-entertaining channels of expression. This Awareness not only addresses what we shallowly call our individual desires and needs, It lifts us up to see our Oneness with all Creation and how this Infinite Magnification of Collective Desire is already fulfilled and perfectly expressed. We, the Instruments simply watch Love play through us.

So here's the option every moment of your life.

Think from your certainty that allows you to discount utter bewilderment, believing instead, that you understand what you are presently facing, that the story you have in your mind about what this situation or someone's part in it or how it impacts you--is, was, could be or shouldn't be--is not just one of your old retread stories but actual reality facing you. Thereby you can justify turning your attention away from simply noticing the NEW MIRACLE that the present moment is trying to present you, HERE & NOW, obeying instead the unexamined compulsion to wage war with the past over a better future, triggered by what you've made up about the present, none of which having any basis in reality.

Or ...

You might just want to take a seat and simply watch until something other than that nagging voice inside you actually invites you to do something.

One of these paths actually makes a difference. Can you guess which?

"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." ... Albert Einstein


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