About Dale

Who is Dale?

A very good question.

I AM. That is about as simple as I can say it. I awakened to the futility of living my beliefs in late 2007. After a drawn out life time leading to an eighteen month period of intense, hopeless despair, I woke up to the Truth; that the past and the future have no reality.Now I am always secure in the Present Moment, knowing that I am safeno matter what Life brings to me. From that awakening I have been clearly guided to more deeply explore, model and share this Truth that has literally made me free.

In the movie of my life I have played, among other roles, an absolutely fearless to deeply traumatized child, an aspiring baseball player, a highly successful salesman, a twice committed and uncommitted husband, and a practicing and recovering love and relationship addict. I am none of those things (nor have I ever been), but I have watched myself play those parts,

Presently I star as a grateful and blessed father of two beautiful daughters and grandfather of a most grand grandson, a lover of furry family friends, a respected and misunderstood Unity Minister, a willingly surrendered speaker & spiritual guide, a stand-up comic, a challenging author & cutting edge radio host, and a once highly motivated to deeply frustrated to utterly broken to gratefully freed soul, who now knows the difference between real, unlimited living and my small version of it.

What does who I am have to do with helping you? An even better question.

Because of who I am and how I now see everything, when I see you I see myself, and so see nothing in the way of youexperiencing yourselfas thatsame Brilliance, Joy and Freedom that we are and appear to share. I will stand with you, reflect in you and hold firm with you in the emerging awakening of the Simple, Irrefutable Truth of your Being that your ego will never acknowledge.

Because I can actually see the real, resplendent you through all of the bullshit you compulsively think, I can assist youinseeing your Brilliance. And once you see the Truth, the Truth itself will release you into clear experience of your greatness.

If you would like Dale to speak at your event or come to your area email info@daleblackford.com

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