Personal Healing


I Can Help You Release & Heal the Unconscious, Compulsive Beliefs that are Keeping You from Living in Joy and Peace.

This is not difficult, but it is quite different from how you have been thinking and what you have been doing.

Session with Dale: $150 for a 75 minute session by phone or Skype.

I can help you see your Brilliance through the flaws in the lies that justify your continued suffering into the joy in your life that your mind keeps hiding from you. These simple Truths of themselves will heal your pain and set you free.


Q. How effective are these sessions?

A. One session is highly, deeply effective. This is Systematic work. All beliefs and thoughts are interwoven. One simple truth effects the whole pattern.

Q. Do you recommend ongoing sessions?

A. Rarely. I am open to and do follow-up sessions, however, my experience is that most all my clients uncover such significant flaws in their compulsively false beliefs that continuing to think and act upon them becomes unacceptable. Freedom is now imminent.

Q. Is this psychological work, therapy or treatment?

A. No. This is inquiry work into your whole basis of belief for your psychological identity, thinking and resulting life experience. This is why it is so effective. It is not concerned at all with the lay of your psychological land and how to read it. It is about recognizing that youve had the wrong map all along and experiencing the freedom of living beyond its boundaries.

Q. Do you work with people who are suicidal, clinically depressed, addicted or in great emotional or physical pain?

A. Emphatically yes. Deep suffering is a sign of high vulnerability and preparedness for transitioning into whole, new joy, peace and freedom. If you are suffering, love yourself enough to let me help you release it.

Q. Is it religious or spiritual work?

A. Only if you want to put it into either of those contexts. It is simple observation and inquiry into what you think and believe. Religious and spiritual beliefs are fair game as well. They wont hinder or enhance the process.

Q. Can this work be harmful? Can it confront me with what I may not prepared to see?

A. No. Exactly the opposite. It will open you only to what you are prepared to release and revel in? Otherwise your ego wont let you see it. Yes, I am able and willing to assist you in exploring outside the box of your understanding, however we can only see where you are feel safe to enter.

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